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Top 7 Indicators of Getting Divorced

Are you thinking about filing for divorce? It’s never an easy decision, but plenty of research shows that there are some common factors behind whether or not you and your partner might make it. Instead of beating yourself up about the final decision to end your marriage, schedule a time to speak with an experienced lawyer about what you should do next. Talking to an attorney can help you feel more prepared for your next steps.

New divorce studies come out every day and present interesting information from sociological and scientific research about the factors that may predict your likelihood of getting divorced. No one can say with complete certainty that a couple is headed for marital dissolution. However, the couples that ultimately decide to get divorced often share similar characteristics. These include;

  • Getting married in your teenage years or after age 32. Your odds of divorce increase by about 5% every year if you get married after age 32.
  • Having a husband who doesn’t work full time. A 2016 Harvard study found that the division of labor can be problematic in a marriage if the husband doesn’t work full time.
  • Not finishing high school. Bureau of Labor Statistics research shows that people who have more education have a lower chance of divorce.
  • Showing contempt for your partner. Contempt, stonewalling, defensiveness and criticism are all negative behavior identified in a University of Washington study that could enhance your chances of being divorced.
  • Being too affectionate as newlyweds. Couples who divorced after 7 or more years were almost overwhelmingly affectionate immediately after getting married.
  • Withdrawing during the conflict. If you shut down and disappear, your chance of divorce is much higher.
  • Describing your relationship in a negative manner. One study found that how much the couple described their marriage as chaotic contributed to their chance for divorce.

Ready to talk options? Now is the time to put together your materials and talk to a divorce lawyer.