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Study Shows That Couples Who Get Married on Valentine’s Day Are Much More Likely to Get Divorced

A new study found that those who tie the knot on Valentine’s Day may face a higher risk of ultimately getting divorced. Those individuals are 37% more likely to split, and the University of Melbourne conducted research with more than 1.1 million weddings, included in their data set. Although it might seem like the most romantic day of the year to get married, research actually shows that you’re much more likely to get divorced during this time.

It could be that sweethearts who get married on Valentine’s Day simply may be more impulsive, with research indicating that those people who get married on V-Day may have been together a shorter time than average before getting married. The study identified that those same couples who get married on Valentine’s Day are 45% less likely to make it to their third anniversary than compared with couples who get married on other days. More than 1 million Dutch weddings were analyzed to arrive at these final results and 6% of Valentine’s Day marriages had failed within a 3-year period.

The average across marriages that occurred on other days was 4%. The study was published in the Journal of Population Economics and although a special day like Valentine’s Day could increase the overall attractiveness of a wedding, it could also lead to lower quality and quicker marriage commitments which could increase the vulnerability of that associated marriage. If you are thinking about getting a divorce and have questions about your rights as well as your responsibilities, schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney today to have a better idea of what to expect and more peace of mind.

No matter how you got married or when it occurred, marital problems might lead you to call a lawyer you can trust when you want to end the marriage and move on with your life. You deserve to be informed about your options when you’re facing this kind of situation. Make sure you set aside time to talk to a lawyer.