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Research Shows That Prevalence of Divorce Increasing Size of American Families

Are you thinking about divorce? Given the number of people in America who have gone through at least one divorce, you’re not alone. Divorce is something that should be discussed with a lawyer.

There have been plenty of different research studies completed about the impacts of divorce as far as how it influences society and what makes people more likely to consider it. One study shows that the sprawling stepfamilies across the country are making families 66% bigger. Family structures are becoming increasingly complicated because of the number of people who have children from first or second marriages entering into subsequent marriages.

Almost one third of U.S. households that are headed by adults younger than age 55 have at least one stepparent involved. This recent study also found that 33% of couples over age 55 with adult children had a stepchild as well. The definition and size of family can be significantly stretched by these step relationships. For Americans with grown children, considering step children boost the total number of adult children by up to 66%. The rise in remarriage and divorce is contributing significantly to this family size.

The divorce rate has in fact doubled for older Americans in the past 20 years and a recent study completed by Bowling Green State University found that nearly one-third of people older than 50 had gone through divorce at least once. It can be very difficult to figure out the obligations of stepparents to stepchildren as well as untangling the legal requirements of updating all of your documentation to incorporate new beneficiaries and eliminate old ones upon a second or third divorce.

You might not know what’s ahead of you when contemplating divorce. While you can’t predict everything about how your case might unfold, talking with a lawyer now is the best way to determine the key issues in your case and to chart a plan for the future. You need help understanding the basics of any case when thinking about getting a divorce.

Scheduling a consultation with an experienced divorced attorney can help you figure out what unique factors you need to consider in your future.