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Study Shows Differences Between People Considering Divorce

Have you contemplated divorce in the past? Often, for people who arrive at the decision once and for all, they have carefully considered it for weeks, months, or even a few years. If that’s you, talking things over with a divorce attorney may still feel a bit overwhelming, but it can also be the right path for you.

However, just because you’re thinking about divorce now doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll end up terminating your marriage. In fact, for some people, they choose to work things out with their partner and may never separate or get divorced at all. For other couples, however, it might be time to schedule a consultation with an experienced family lawyer to talk about filing.

A new study found that half of people felt differently about their marriages after some time even though they had indicated to researchers they were contemplating divorce earlier. Researchers from the University of Alberta in Canada and Brigham Young University conducted an online survey of 3,000 Americans between the ages of 25 and 50 who had been married for a minimum of one year. Of those people who participated in the study, 25% said they had considered divorce in the last 6 months. However, the study showed that half of those who were contemplating divorce had experienced a major change in their feelings when they were asked again 12 months later.

A family scientist working at the University of Alberta’s Department of Human Ecology believes that marriage has its ebbs and flows and this explains the differences between how people are contemplating their marriage.

Of those who said they had considered divorce previously but not in recent months, approximately 90% said that they were happy about their decision to stick it out with their spouses. However, thinkers were grouped into three categories: soft, serious and conflicted. The serious and conflicted thinkers were dealing with intense issues like addiction and abuse and adultery, many of which may prompt you to consult with an experienced Florida divorce attorney as soon as possible. Having an attorney who can assist you through this complicated process is strongly recommended.