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New Study Shows Which People Are Most Likely to Get Divorced Based on Their Job

Your risk of divorce is based on many different factors, including when you got married, the length of the marriage, and the types of external pressure exerted on the relationship over time. In addition to these kinds of challenges, it’s also possible that one person’s or both spouse’s career goals and commitments can interfere with the relationship as well. If this is the case in your marriage and you feel that it’s no longer working, meeting with a divorce lawyer might help to give you more perspective on your options.


If you have been contemplating divorce, you’re certainly not alone. People in all different lengths of marriages and in a variety of living situations may contemplate divorce at one point in time.

A new study however, reveals that certain types of employees may be more likely to get divorced than others. It might come as no surprise that certain occupations can have a detrimental impact on the relationship. A new study completed with information from the 2015 American Community Survey found that people who have extensive travel requirements or nightlife work have the highest divorce rates in the country. The occupations who were least likely to get divorced include scientists, actuaries, software developers and medical professionals.

Bartenders and casino workers, however, were most likely to get divorced as well as flight attendants. People who have significant travel requirements often must work harder in order to establish trust and communication in their relationship on a regular basis. Significant stress that bleeds over from a working situation can ultimately amplify into disagreements and lack of trust.

Furthermore, the couple may be more likely to experience simply growing apart. If you have been thinking about divorce because of excess stress associated with a significant problem from employment, you need to consult with an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible to walk through all of your options. There are many different questions and considerations that must be factored into your choice to file for divorce but consulting with an attorney now is strongly recommended.