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New Study Says Millennials Less Likely to Cheat

Cheating has a negative influence on any relationship, but it can be particularly challenging for the non-cheating spouse to be able to trust again in the marriage. If you are concerned about a spouse cheating, you probably have questions about whether or not it makes sense to file for divorce with the help of an attorney. Talking to someone about your options can give you a good perspective on what to do if you’re contemplating getting a divorce. It’s never easy to be in this situation, but help from a lawyer can go a long way.

One of the most common causes for couples to consider a separation or divorce has to do with allegations of adultery. A new research study from the Institute for Family Studies identified that 20% of those couples older than 55 years old reported having sex outside of the marriage.

That’s compared with only 14% of those couples under age 55.

Millennials take a very dim view of cheating while generation X reports that approximately 17% of people engage in extramarital sex. Those younger than age 37 only report 12% of extramarital sex. There are many different factors at play involved in why Millennials may be less likely to cheat on their partners. However, there can be other pressure points that can cause millennials to consider contemplating separation or divorce. In any of these situations, being able to identify an experienced divorce lawyer as soon as possible is important. Lack of trust and challenges with communication as well as arguments over money are some of the leading causes for couples to consider a divorce.

A couple that has not been married very long may not be aware of their rights and responsibilities as it relates to filing a legal claim for divorce within their individual state. The experience of a knowledgeable divorce attorney who has practiced in this field for many years can give you better insight into the most appropriate way to proceed. It is never easy to make the decision to get a divorce but having an attorney on your side who is dedicated to protecting your interests from the very beginning is crucial.