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New Study Analyzes the Most Expensive States to Get Divorced

Divorce can have lasting repercussions for you financially if you’re not careful. This is because once you’re ready to file, the fees can begin to add up. Sitting down with your bankruptcy lawyer in advance can help you figure out what you’re looking at in terms of filing and attorney fees, but this might be the tip of the iceberg for you. Divorce can also generate major changes in your lifestyle once it’s over since you must adjust to a one-income home or experience other big alterations. For many, these issues are important to consider well in advance.

Talking to a lawyer can help prepare you for what’s involved in filing a legal claim for divorce and what you can expect in your local court.

There’s no doubt that the financial impact on your life of a divorce will have you questioning whether or not it’s worth it and how to proceed with the right attorney but a new study has analyzed the most expensive states in which you can get divorced. The study identified that between 40% and 50% of U.S. marriages end in dissolution. That’s from the American Psychological Association.

Alimony payments and property division, as well as child custody and child support, are some of the most frequently contested aspects of the end of a marriage. However, the court filing costs, legal fees and attorney fees can also be extensive. The cost of a divorce could even be in the tens of thousands. To determine the least and most expensive states to get a divorce, the 24-7 Wall Street Company looked at the average cost of a divorce from a research company.

Costs can range from an average of $8400 on up, and the study found that Montana was the least expensive place to get a divorce. The number one most expensive state in which to file for divorce is California followed by New York and Delaware. The cost of your divorce should be something that is discussed directly with you after you file a case with the help of an experienced divorce attorney.