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How much does divorce cost?

What’s Included In Your Divorce Cost?

Really confused about how much does a divorce cost? There are many different factors that can play into your divorce costs but in this article, you’ll understand a general guideline of the various costs associated with filing for divorce. The frequently impacted the total cost of your divorce includes whether or not your spouse is combative, where you live and who you choose to hire an attorney.

Divorce Costs Are Not One-Size-Fits-All In

Although most individuals would prefer to work through a divorce with the guidance of an attorney, others are also concerned about the cost of having legal representation versus representing themselves. A nationwide study recently identified that the typical fee for divorce lawyers was around $250 per hour. Other individuals may be able to pay a flat fee for an uncontested divorce if you and your spouse have been able to agree on most of the issues involved in the divorce. You may be able to get free consultations with divorce attorneys.

Average U.S. Divorce Costs 

On average, consumers report paying approximately $15,500 for their divorce, the majority of which came in attorney’s fees. Although some individuals were able to conclude their divorce within a four-month period, the average time spent was just under 11 months. It is also really important to know how much does divorce cost when it is resolved outside the courtroom. Some of the most complicated issues involved in resolving a divorce in or outside of court include:

If it’s complicated, How Much Does Divorce Cost

The more of these issues that ultimately went to trial the higher the cost will be for your divorce. This is particularly true if you and your spouse cannot come to an agreement on more complicated issues such as child custody. Since you are handing over the responsibility for this to the judge, this could even include the appointment of psychiatric professionals or a guardian ad litem to represent the children’s best interests. Obviously, this can delay how long it will take for you to receive your divorce but it can also increase your costs as your attorney will need to be in court preparing motions and attending hearings on your behalf. Free consultations with divorce attorneys may an available option for you.

Making Compromises Can Help Reduce Costs

If you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement on some or all issues outside of traditional court hearings, this can help to defray costs and cut down on the time you spend waiting for court hearings. A mediator may be helpful for allowing you to design some of your own divorce solutions. In that situation, both parties sit down with a neutral individual who helps guide the conversation. Even if you are not successful at resolving every divorce issue in mediation, getting some of them managed in advance can make things easier for everyone. Often both spouses and the children do not benefit from extensive court hearings and the work associated with filing motions and moving through the case without at least consideration of mediation.

Communication Is Key

One of the most important things you can do is sit down and determine the type of outcome you would like to receive from your divorce before setting up a consultation with an experienced divorce attorney. Whatever you are able to resolve with your spouse outside of court, this will help minimize your costs associated with litigation. The answer to the question of how much does a divorce cost depends on how complex is your divorce.

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