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How long does it take to get a divorce?

Divorce Timelines Vary – Know How Long Does it take

How long does it take to get a divorce depends largely on the complexities of your individual divorce and the state in which you file, there are general recommendations about how long does it take to get a divorce. The time it takes for getting a divorce will be affected by:

  •    If your family court is currently backlogged with cases.
  •    Whether or not you are sure about the existence of any hidden assets.
  •    Where you live and whether your state requires a period of separation or if you have satisfied residency requirements.
  •    If your divorce is uncontested, meaning that all critical issues have already been resolved.
  •    If you are able to locate your spouse quickly for the service of divorce papers.
  •    Whether there are complicated business or personal assets involved.

No Fault Divorces

Residency requirements may increase the time that it can take for you to be able to receive a final divorce decree. You will need to establish residency requirements in your individual state before you can initiate a divorce petition. You can initiate a no-fault divorce in every state across the country.

How Do No-Fault Divorces Work?

A no-fault divorce is one in which there are no grounds filed against the other spouse for the termination of the marriage. The most common reason people choose to file a no-fault divorce is irreconcilable differences. If your spouse refuses being served with the official divorce papers, the process of getting a divorce can take longer.

Uncontested Divorces Take Less Time

Remember that uncontested divorces will frequently take less time since you and your former spouse will have already agreed on most of the major issues involved in the termination of the marriage. A contested divorce, however, could take longer and could involve complex things such as witnesses, psychiatric experts, guardians ad litem and many depositions and hearings.


The More Complex, The Longer A Divorce May Take

Furthermore, the workload within your individual county can also have an influence on your ability to receive a divorce quickly. A divorce can take anywhere from a couple of months to several years, depending on the various issues included. If you allege that the other spouse is hiding assets and want to know how are assets divided in a divorce, for example, then you may find yourself spending a long time period in court. The specifics of how long your individual divorce will take is something that you can discuss with a lawyer during your initial meeting.

The First Meeting Is An Opportunity To know How Long Does It Take To Get a Divorce In Your Case

Your first meeting is your opportunity to get these crucial divorce questions and answers to be cleared and to get a general timeline of how things will unfold. Since your state Divorce lawyer meeting laws and county procedures will have a big impact on how long your divorce takes, consulting with a lawyer who has practiced in this field for some time is strongly recommended. Since so many factors influence how long it takes to get a divorce, being prepared and doing all your research in advance is the best way to prepare yourself for the process. The more contested the issues are, the more likely it is that you’ll be spending time in court trying to push for a favorable outcome. If you and your spouse can agree, however, you’ll save time and money.

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