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Divorce, College Studies, and Your Job: A Juggling Act

The buildup of common and everyday issues such as juggling your studies and your work can be very overwhelming for university students and can even be as disruptive for college students as life events like a death in the family or as a divorce. A new Australian study looked at learning hindrances to find out what could be done to reduce the impact of distractions for university students.

The study found that universities could do more to help students adjust with recognizing and minimizing these intrusions such that they do not accumulate and lead to bigger levels of failure. Late and early lecture times were also some of the strategies that could be avoided in terms of active learning strategies to hold the attention of students. Students who are dealing with the repercussions of a significant divorce within their family may find it more difficult to adjust to life in college but parents who take the time to broach this issue carefully and to talk to their now adult children about how things will change can go a long way towards minimizing potential concerns.

It is never easy for parents who have made the decision to get a divorce to bring the subject up with their children, even when those children are of adult age. Having a lawyer to help guide you through this process can give you a lot more confidence about how you handle this situation and the potential challenges you might encounter. Breaking the news to a college-aged child may need to be considered carefully in order to minimize the potential impact on his or her studies.

Divorce is always hard regardless of your age and family situation, but children can always make it more difficult. Perhaps you waited to file for divorce until the children were older or at college so you could minimize the impact on their daily lives. Even when your children no longer live in your house, however, there can be potential fallout from your decision to get a divorce. Knowing how to broach the situation and handling it with care is still recommended when you have adult children.