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Benefits of Talking to an Attorney before you Decide to File for a Divorce

It can be a difficult and emotional decision to come to the terms that you need to file for divorce and it can be even more problematic if you are not clear about your legal rights and responsibilities. Many people hold off on initiating a legal separation or a divorce because they believe it will impact their relationship with their children. There are many different benefits to scheduling a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer before you even elect to file for divorce.


Scheduling a consultation with an attorney can help to clarify what is likely to be the most important issue in your individual divorce as well as an anticipated timeline and the other challenges you may face over the duration of the case. Knowing all of this information upfront can help you to make an informed decision about whether or not divorce is best for you. Furthermore, scheduling a consultation in advance can clarify whether or not the attorney you have spoken to is a good fit for your individual case. Having an initial consultation with a lawyer does not obligate you to file for divorce with that attorney.


Rather, it gives you a chance to see the way that that particular attorney works and whether or not now is the right time for you to file for divorce. You can schedule a consultation with a divorce lawyer and attend this privately and choose not to file now or in the future at all, you might decide to return to this attorney after several months when you’ve made your decision and prepare the appropriate documents to initiate a filing. Having a consultation now will clear up any of the questions you have associated with your divorce and give you further information about the materials and procedures you can expect when filing for divorce in your individual state.

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